Today’s leaders are navigating in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (oftentimes called a VUCA world) where disruptive change is unprecedented and will only increase. This kind of environment can frequently lead to stress within oneself and interpersonal stress and conflict amongst team members.

Working together synergistically requires a critical set of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including, Self awareness, Self governance, understanding of others, superb listening and understanding skills, appreciation of differences, respecting and valuing others’ perspectives, empathy, vulnerability, compassion, adaptability to the styles of others, kindness towards others, humility, co-creative problem solving and decision making skills.

This program focuses intensively on developing the skills and processes to work well together using real life situations. Participants leave the program with the skills and the confidence to apply their learning on the job.

Results You Can Expect

  • Teams that work better together and are more productive
  • People are more happy and fulfilled at work
  • Reduction in stress and conflict – Discussion on creating productive conflict vs no conflict – it is required in order to achieve full results – based on work of Patrick Lencioni
  • Improved problem solving and decision making
  • A profile of the team’s collective strengths and weaknesses
  • A clear Accountability Plan and measurements to ensure the learning is applied on the job

Key Focus Areas

  • Understanding how your Mindset influences the way you see the world and your relationships with others
  • Using the Lions Lead assessment battery or a psychometric tools such as MBTI, Insights, or the SDI assessment, to increase awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of one’s own style of communication as well as the styles of others
  • Understanding of how one’s own style influences one’s abilities to work with others, communicate, problem solve, make decisions, deal with conflict, manage change, deal with stress, negotiate


This program is designed for learners at all organizational levels who need to collaborate with others.


½ to 1 full day in class