Culture Assessment

Culture assessments are built to measure accurately the actions, reactions, and choices; ultimately the behaviors of individuals, so organizations maximize their collective contribution. Organizations benefit by building their own personalized culture that breeds success; culture that stands proud, where people want to be, providing passion and performance toward the leadership vision, and the corporate mission, without sacrificing the values on which the organization was founded. This shared purpose among all, from leadership to management to execution, makes for exceptional productivity to outperform the competition while providing outstanding products and services.

CultureRight is constructed to measure the following traits, characteristics, and functions of your current culture state. The focus of this assessment is to identify areas of strength and challenge for development of leadership, management teams and all who are executing to deliver quality minded high performance so that individual and teamwork is impactful, and their purpose is fulfilling.

CultureRight Essential Competencies & Attributes

CultureRight is a one-of-a-kind instrument that assesses and reports on the things that matter most toward identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement. At any time, and on demand, the responses of participants can be generated to reveal content used to lead Senior Management discussions and Employee Engagements to perfect and execute as a team.