The information revealed in this report is immediately available to provide insights as to the attributes desired most when seeking new employees. What is unique and valuable is the timeliness of information gleaned to create rich and meaningful conversations during your interview process. The assessment can be administered real-time, as needed, and a report generated immediately.

The HireRight assessment is designed to be administered early in the hiring process and will help identify best fit candidates while reducing time by helping filter the most likely to succeed. We are assessing, and measuring, behaviors toward the following competencies and traits.

HireRight Essential Competencies & Attributes

HireRight helps discover in minutes what hours of interview discussion and discovery may never fully reveal. Because we are assessing behaviors, individualized results are more likely to reveal the true character traits of a person more so than personality profiles. In a summary, Personality is “who you are,” but Behaviour is “what you do”. Behaviour, over personality, is the best indicator of future actions, and reactions, to any given situation.

Each candidate is measured, scored and displayed on a report with summary narratives for each attribute highlighted above. This assessment is administered online and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Once submitted, a full report is available for download via your personalized Assessment Center Portal. This secure site is used by hiring managers and/or those authorized to access with privacy considerations. HireRight is used to build your funnel, providing keen insights into those whom you desire most to become part of your operation. HireRight makes is easy for you to get the best hourly employees on board so that they show up and know how to get the work done!