Leadership COACHING

Our Dream

Our aspirational dream is to change the word ‘Leader’ from a noun into a verb.

Why? Because there are many people who occupy leadership roles but do not think or act like leaders. They are ‘leaders’ in title alone.

(Just think of some of the current ‘leaders’ in business or politics today, or leaders in your own business. The gap in their ‘leadership’ effectiveness becomes only too obvious).

What we need instead are leaders at all levels of business doing leadership and being leaders, not just having the title of leader (or manager, supervisor, lead hand, etc).

Personal change is not easy, and it if was most people would already have made the required changes. And by the time we are in leadership roles, we are often pretty ‘hard wired’ to think and act the way we do. At VERSITY we help individual leaders make the fundamental shift in Mindset before working on specific skill development. Moreover, and wherever possible, we use a systemic approach to coaching by involving the ‘system’ to help make and sustain the desired leadership changes.

Our Coaching Mission

To DOUBLE the number of TOP PERFORMING LEADERS in your organization.

Our Business Coaching Road Map

Each of the four stages represents the work required to support successful leadership learning and development.

Stage 1: The Analysis Phase

In this phase we analyse the leader’s strengths and development needs. It ideally involves multi party, multi method input so as to see the leader’s performance through several lenses. This is the most important phase of the process because if we get this wrong all other work becomes redundant.

Ideally, we would want to gather information from the following sources:

This level of assessment and analysis would provide you with a very clear picture of you overall current strengths and development needs.

Stage 2: The Design Phase

In this phase we design a plan to build on your leadership strengths and mitigate against or develop your growth areas. We discuss and agree upon how to involve ‘the system’ to support change.

In addition, this phase includes analyzing and determining how to manage any restraining forces that might influence the change process.

Stage 3: The Implementation Stage

In this phase we develop the new skills, competencies, feelings, thought processes, work processes, procedures, structures and systems that are required to achieve your leadership and career goals.

Stage 4: The Sustain Phase

In the final phase we develop a plan to ensure that the new skills, processes, methods and behaviours stick and you do not slip back into old ways of doing things.