Program Overview

Key to leadership effectiveness is their capacity and capability to achieve results AND work with and through others. This is what we call 10:10 leadership. To achieve both goals equally effectively requires outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. Leaders need to be able to work with and influence a wide range of stakeholders without the use of positional power (force) but based primarily on the use of personal, relationship, and knowledge power.

Results You Can Expect

  • Greater communication, connectivity and collaboration between people at all levels of the business
  • Increased empathy, vulnerability, compassion, adaptability, kindness, trust
  • Increased teaming, synergy, generosity, and growth
  • More use of influence and less use of power (positional power) to get results
  • Increased commitment and accountability
  • A clear Accountability Plan and measurements to ensure the learning is applied on the job

Key Focus Areas

  • Understanding self and others and how different people communicate, listen, process information, influence, make decisions, deal with conflict, deal with stress
  • Understand how your mindset influences your interactional and communication style
  • Understanding power dynamics in business
  • Practice of conscious listening skills
  • Practice of questioning skills that develop critical thinking capabilities in self and other
  • Persuasiveness and assertiveness skills


This program is focused on leaders – starting at the very top of the business.


2-3-day workshop based on the needs of the business

4 month sustainment plan