The Leader WITHIN

No leader has earned the right to lead others before the leader has learned FIRST to lead themselves. Developing The Leader WITHIN is the key to leadership effectiveness. While IQ and technical skills might get you there, and no other sets of skills, competencies, or technical expertise can replace this core leadership capability.

Results You Can Expect

  • Leaders who are grounded in themselves – and remain calm in the eye of the storm
  • Leaders who are clear on their leadership purpose and values and willing to do the right thing, even when uncomfortable
  • Leaders who are willing to take risks and be disruptive in the best interests of the organization and its people
  • Significant increases in leadership team cohesiveness, collaboration, and accountability
  • Leaders with a greater internal locus of control or greater Intrinsic motivation
  • The focus of the organization and every employee on serving a noble purpose
  • Organizational trust that empowers team members to take risks, innovate, make decisions, and learn
  • Significant increases in intrinsic motivation and accountability to perform
  • Servant Leadership as a cultural practice – leaders who are there to serve their employees and customers alike
  • Significant improvements in organizational communication and collaboration
  • An overall higher level of employee engagement and commitment to the business and for one another
  • At the end of the program, a clear Accountability Plan and measurements to ensure the learning is applied on the job
  • Our Goal is to DOUBLE the number of TOP PERFORMING LEADERS in your business

Key Focus Areas

  • From Fear to Flow: The -5 Levels of Unconscious Reactivity to the +5 Levels of Conscious Leadership and how the leader’s Mindset shapes the leader’s capacity to perform
  • The 7 Steps to Leadership Wisdom and how to apply them on the job and in life
  • The capacity and the skills to know and lead oneself
  • The capacity and the skills to lead and influence a wide range of stakeholders
  • The capacity, skills, tools and processes to develop the mindset and the capabilities of all employees
  • The identification and development of potential leaders within the business


This program is a must for ALL leaders – starting at the very top of the business

Program Duration

3 days in class over a period of 2-4 weeks

4 month sustainment program