Traits and Team Roles

Ultimately exponential results are driven by team cooperation where each member can feel safe and confident in making their unique role contributions. Each member needs to have a purpose and a clearly defined role; therefore, it is essential to understand the unique competencies of each member, putting them in a position to succeed.

As your teams are constructed to help navigate growth and change, you will likely be creating new groups for specific objectives and therefore desire to select those with the best competencies and fit to achieve the desired goal.

Everyone wins with distinct team roles. We incorporate the work of Dr. Meredith Belbin to provide clear definition of functions while defining unique strengths to fill the gaps. As distinguishing characteristics of each team member are discovered, we assess 23 attributes which provide a framework and tendency toward one’s distinguishing characteristics in perfecting their Leadership Traits and Team Roles. Our analysis provides everyone’s primary and secondary team role. We also provide a 1⁄2 day team workshop, if desired, to help cement these concepts and get all team members on the same page.

Leadership Traits and Team Roles Essential Leadership Attributes