Is it possible to achieve
in your business?

Yes, definitely.

Greater than 30% of the performance output in your business is generated through the influence of the TOP 5% of leaders.

Having the best leaders in your business is the single greatest competitive differentiator you can acquire.

Let us help you achieve exponential performance improvement in your business by identifying, developing, and doubling the number of top performing leaders in your organization.

Why? Because in every business and organization there are many people who occupy leadership roles but do not think or act like leaders. They are ‘leaders’ in title alone.

What is needed are leaders at all levels of business being leaders and doing leadership.

This is where the exponential performance improvement opportunity lies.

Just imagine the ripple effect on the culture and performance of your business when 20% or 50% of your leaders are  top performing and ALL leaders have the capacity to perform in an environment of increasing complexity.

Just imagine what would happen to engagement and productivity if every employee reported to a great leader?

At VERSITY, we are committed personally and professionally to 7 core values. These values guide every action and decision.

We will not compromise our values under any circumstances; for our values are primary to who we are and our working relationships. By living our values, we will always tell the truth and expect to hear the truth. Truth builds trust and trust is the greatest asset a person can have.

Some of Our Clients

About Us

VERSITY has been in business since 2001. Working with us you will experience uncompromising Values and a genuine commitment to you and your business. We believe that by doing what is right for you, and going above and beyond, we are doing right for our own business. This is why almost 100% of our business is with repeat customers and referrals from existing clients.


Bell Canada

Bell had a senior leadership team tasked with delivering “Flawless Games” for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. While already very high performing it was of critical importance that the team were operating at a flawless level themselves. Andrew facilitated regular team effectiveness meetings over the course of one year, coached individual team members one on one, and helped the team to work through and resolve issues quickly and effectively so as to improve the team’s overall performance.

I unreservedly endorse Andrew’s abilities as a team facilitator, team coach and individual executive coach. Without exception, I and each of my Directors would say that Andrew made a dramatic, relevant, and meaningful contribution to our team’s overall effectiveness.

Justin Webb

VP, Olympic Services and Operations

Canfor Corporation

Canfor has utilized the services of Andrew and Versity for the past three years. During this time, Andrew and his colleagues have provided Canfor with exceptional service involving corporate strategic facilitation and leadership development. Most recently, Andrew successfully facilitated the internal review of Canfor’s corporate strategy. The exercises involved a large group, consisting of the executive team and senior managers. Canfor’s experience with Versity has been very positive. Their team work well with all levels of management within Canfor. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to companies requiring facilitation, corporate strategy counsel, and leadership development.

Rob Stewart

BlueShore Financial

Andrew has facilitated many strategic planning sessions for us, during which he has demonstrated superb facilitation skills and remarkable insight. I have been particularly impressed with Andrew’s focus on organizational alignment by integrating NSCU’s strategy and goals into every project, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness and return on our investment. Over the many years we have worked with Andrew, we have benefited immensely from his abilities and insights. He has worked as a partner with us to move our organization forward and has had a profoundly positive effect on our performance and results. I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.

Chris Catliff
President and CEO


Andrew’s workshops and his delivery of OD programs are highly effective in that they provide participants with the leadership, coaching, and sales skills required in our customer focussed business. A key strength is Andrew’s ability to align the training and OD initiatives with BCAA’s key customer centric strategies, creating a connection for staff and managers that increases their buy in and adoption.

John Allen