Our Solutions

Organizational Performance is determined by the number of top performing leaders in your organization and the magnitude of the gap between the collective performance of all leaders and the challenges the business is facing.


For your business to achieve exponential performance improvement it is imperative that the selection and development of key talent and your collective leadership benchstrength keeps pace with the rate of change and increasing complexity.

If your organization is not developing your leaders faster than the pace of change, you are “planning” for strategic failure.

As you have experienced, top talent only want to work with top talent; top talent only want to work with organizations that are VALUES driven, have a PURPOSE driven BRAND, and have a great CULTURE.

What percentage of your leaders have the capacity and skills to lead in a complex world?

In most organizations less than 20% of leaders have what it takes to truly lead in today’s complex business climate. And only 5% are deemed TOP PERFORMERS contributing over 30% of the value in the business.

When leaders make The SHIFT you will see exponential performance improvement in the form of greater innovation, increased trust, greater change agility, improved customer service, greater employee engagement, and the resulting improvements in the organization’s overall financial performance.

Leadership Development

Exponential performance improvement and business success starts with Top performing leaders who create a great culture.

Based on your business needs and objectives, we will develop tailored programs to help you achieve your business objectives.


Our Signature Leadership Development Program is specifically designed to SHIFT the mindset and develop the capacity of every leader in the organization so as to ensure the organization achieves its overall objectives.

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The Leader WITHIN

While IQ and technical skills might get you into leadership, no other sets of skills, competencies, or technical expertise can replace the importance of the leader’s mindset for individual and collective business success.

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Develop the communication and influence skills needed to collaborate with others, inspire followership, and build exceptional interpersonal relationships up, down and across the organization.

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Learn the WHY and HOW of effective coaching, mentoring, feedback, and teaching so as to grow the performance of all employees exponentially.

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Leading Organizational TRANSITION

Learn your role as a leader in organizational transition as well as the tools and processes the leader needs to analyse, design, implement and sustain organizational change.

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Today’s leaders are navigating in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world (oftentimes called a VUCA world) where disruptive change is unprecedented and will only increase.

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OTHER Programs

We develop customized programs and workshops in the following kinds of areas:

• Collaborating with diverse personalities

• Customer Service Mastery

• Sales Mastery

• Unconscious Bias

• Crucial Conversations

• Teaming – Working with Intact Teams

Leadership COACHING

Achieve exponential leadership growth through one on one executive coaching.

Our customized (ideally systemic) approach accelerates your learning and application on the job. Measurable results speak for themselves.

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Leadership TEAM Effectiveness

Be the best YOU on a team by playing to your signature strengths and leaving others to play to theirs. Develop clear and measurable goals, clear roles, clear accountabilities, clear processes, and strong trust based relationships.

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Top performing leaders outperform the average leader by 4:1.

When leaders do their jobs well, employees do theirs well too. High performing leaders are an organization’s most valuable asset.

Based on a thorough leadership assessment using a battery of assessment tools, we identify leaders’ specific strengths and growth needs and develop customized competency based solutions which, when combined with experiential learning, ensure that leaders can immediately apply their learning on the job.

Our Mission

To help you identify, select, develop and DOUBLE the number of TOP PERFORMING LEADERS in your organization.

How do you identify the “BEST”? Identify, select, and seriously invest in leaders who have the mindset, skills, experience, and capabilities that will take your business to the next level. These leaders reside in the intersection of the three circles.

Our Assessment Instruments

The Seven Pillars of Leadership Wisdom

This is the most COMPREHENSIVE Executive Leadership (C-Suite) assessment battery that measures 54 essential leadership attributes within 5 performance areas.

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The Signature Leaders Assessment

This Leadership assessment battery identifies Emerging Leaders and up to Director Level Leaders and measures 44 essential leadership attributes within 5 performance areas.

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LeadRight is a dynamic and profound assessment instrument helping both existing and aspiring leaders to discover, understand and prepare for advanced leadership responsibilities.

Target: Senior and Mid-Level leaders, small business owners, and their teams.

Measures 27 Leadership Attributes.

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Culture Assessment

Measure the culture of the entire organization from the top down and the bottom up.

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Traits and Team Roles

Leadership Traits and Team Roles is a unique and powerful tool that assesses individual competencies to correlate with one’s individual role as it relates to team dynamics.

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Leadership Circle 360

Measure and provides leaders feedback on their two primary leadership domains – The Creative Competencies and The Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface.

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Insights Discovery™

Insights Discovery™ is a simple and accessible four colour model that helps participants to understand themselves and others so that they can work more effectively together.

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Help hiring managers get a quick pulse on the strength and competency of hourly candidates during their interview and vetting process. Measures 5 Competencies and 17 Attributes

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Provide sales managers and sales professionals with insights and behaviors critical for optimum sales performance. Measures 6 Key Competency Areas and 28 Sales Attributes.

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Survey of Employee & Organizational CULTURE & Effectiveness

This assessment instrument measures organization culture and effectiveness. Organizations that have a highly engaging culture and more engaged employees experience better business performance than their counterparts who have less engaging cultures, fewer engaged employees, and lower levels of employee engagement.

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Strategy Development

The main purpose of a business is to create and retain customers. An effective planning process sets you up with a plan to create unique value that customers cannot get elsewhere.