The findings discovered in this assessment reveal a sales professional’s personal competencies, measuring behavior and value statements alongside sales professionals that have been recognized, studied and routinely outperform their counterparts. This will equip each respondent and their sales managers with powerful insights for strengthening sales success.

Additionally, the information revealed in this report is immediately available to provide insight into the attributes desired for any new hire, and to strike rich and meaningful conversations when utilized as part of the candidate interview process. The assessment can be administered real-time, as needed, and a report generated for immediate access via your personalized assessment portal, making this a timely tool for internal staff development as well as recruiting new sales representatives.

SellRight is constructed to measure 23 attributes of high-performing sales professionals and will highlight key strengths, challenge areas and recommendations for improvement. The focus of this assessment is to develop sales mastery by identifying and improving successful behaviors and habits in the competencies of Self Leadership, Sales Performance, Getting Things Done, Customer Focus, and Composure.

SellRight Essential Competencies & Attributes