Survey of Employee & Organizational CULTURE & Effectiveness

Sometimes the best way to remove morale problems is just to FIRE all the UNHAPPY PEOPLE.

While the irony in the above statement is obvious, unfortunately, for many employees is not too far from the truth. In North America, only about 30% of all employees are committed to the business and give of their best every day; 40% show up because it’s ‘an OK job’; and about 30% can’t wait to find a better job because they are actively disengaged from the business, leadership, and the culture. In the US, the cost of this employee disengagement under poor leadership is estimated to be between $450 to $550 billion annually in lost productivity (GALLUP).

There is a direct correlation between employee engagement and business performance.

Just look at these statistics. According to research done by the Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), organizations with a higher proportion of engaged employees experience:

  • 65% greater share price increase
  • 26% less turnover
  • 100% more unsolicited applications for employment
  • 20% less absenteeism
  • 45% less lost-time accidents
  • 5% less sick time
  • 20% increase in employee productivity (CLC)
  • Up to 30% greater customer satisfaction, and
  • 28% higher employee morale